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Our Vision…

To be a Worshipping, Recognisably Anglican, Multi-racial, All-age, Gathered, Christian Community – ‘a city on a hill’


Message From The Rector…

Welcome to the home page of the Anglican Parish of Epping (Saint Alban’s and Saint Aidan’s) in the Diocese of Sydney, Australia. If you have been here before we welcome you back. If you a first time visitor, we trust that you will find something of interest here to aid you on your spiritual journey.

Our vision is to be a worshipping, recognisably Anglican, multi-racial, all-age, gathered Christian community: A city on a hill. We are grateful for the Anglican tradition that has been passed down to us through the years. Our parish is open to all persons irrespective of race, colour, class, gender or sexuality.

We are an eclectic group of Anglican Christians who seek to carry out our ministry of being followers of Christ in our part of the beautiful world in which God has placed us. We are located approximately twenty kilometres northwest of Sydney.

Our style of Anglicanism would be readily identified around the world as traditional Anglican liturgy. We hold to the tension that binds the Anglican Church together. We try to travel together drawing upon the differences that we each have to offer the other as a part of Christ’s body.

We are also very committed to unity with Christians of other traditions. We have established a Covenant with the communities of the Roman Catholic Parish of Epping & Carlingford, Chester Street Uniting Church Epping, West Epping Uniting Church and Carlingford Baptist Church. We understand that as a community founded on the Lord Jesus, whose great commandment was love, and whose great prayer was for unity among those who serve his name, we are committed to recognising our common bond in baptism. We work towards unity in spirit, prayer and action through the power of God’s Spirit.

We live in a world that demands that we live with uncertainty. But the life, death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour gives us courage to hope for the future. May you experience some of our confidence in God’s care as you navigate our site and in so doing become more like the person you were created to be in the power of God’s Spirit.

Rt Rev Ross Nicholson