Postal Address: PO Box 79, Epping NSW 1710 Australia

St Alban’s Address: 3 Pembroke St, Epping NSW 2121

St Aidan’s Address: 30 Downing St, West Epping NSW 2121

St Alban’s Contact Number: Phone: +61 2 9876 3362

St Aidan’s Contact Number: See St Alban’s Contact Number

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St Alban’s Parish

St Aidan’s Parish

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Parish Location:

St Alban’s Church and the Parish Offices are located at 3 Pembroke Street, Epping NSW 2121. The Church is open every day and is very close to Epping Railway Station on Sydney’s Main Northern Line, which is also the terminus for several bus services.

St Aidan’s Church is located at 30 Downing Street, West Epping, a few minutes’ walk south of Ray Road. Bus services operate along Ray Road and Carlingford Road.



Public Transport:

The Parish’s larger church, St Alban’s, is particularly well served by Public Transport both on weekdays and on weekends and public holidays.

• Epping Railway Station is a major station on the Northern Line with local connections to Strathfield, Hornsby and Chatswood as well as inter-urban trains running north of Hornsby through to Newcastle.
For details of Timetables, Trackwork and Fares telephone 13 1500 or visit the Sydney Trains WebSite.

• Sydney Bus Routes Servicing Epping;
For precise details of Routes, Timetables and Fares telephone 13 1500 or visit the SydneyBuses WebSite.

Sydney Bus Routes include:
• 288 (Epping Station – Sydney Town Hall (City), along Epping Road),
• 290 (Epping Station – Queen Victoria Building, Sydney City, along Epping Road)
• 295 (Epping Station – North Epping via Oxford St., Norfolk Rd., Boundary, Eastcore, Newton, Bedford, Waterloo and Grayson Roads; also Epping Station – Macquarie University along Epping Road)
• 541 (Epping Station – Eastwood Station, via Victoria St., Chesterfield Rd., Midson Rd., Dunlop St., Enderlee St., Mobbs Lane and Eastwood Ave; Monday to Saturday).
• 546 (Epping Station – Parramatta via North Rocks & Oatlands.
• 549 (Epping Station – Parramatta via North Rocks.

Non-Government Bus Routes are run by Hillsbus [for timetable and route details, telephone 13 1500 or visit the Hillsbus WebSite.]
• 630 (weekdays only)

A Taxi Rank is located near the eastern entrance to Epping Station.

The Parish’s smaller church, St Aidan’s at West Epping, is located a short distance from the 549 Epping – North Rocks via Ray Road bus service (closest stop at Downing St. and Ray Rd.).



Car Parking and Car Pooling:

The parish is served by several major roads: Epping Road from the east (Sydney City), Beecroft Road from the north (Beecroft, Pennant Hills, Hornsby), Carlingford Road from the west (Carlingford, Parramatta, Castle Hill) and Blaxland Road from the south (Eastwood, Ryde, Strathfield), as well as the M2 Expressway which links the City to Seven Hills. The snag is the resultant traffic bottleneck at the Epping Overbridge which links these major roads (excepting the M2) and crosses the Main Northern Line Railway. However, with discretion, car travel can still be viable.

• St Alban’s has limited off-street car parking facilities for people attending the church, augmented by free street parking (one-hour limit between 08:30 and 18:00, Monday – Friday, and 08:30 and 12:30, Saturdays).

• St Aidan’s has no off-street parking, but adequate parking along the residential Downing Street.

Parishioners are encouraged to car-pool: this is environmentally and economically sound, and there are some parishioners for whom there is no other means to attend church. Those who need transport assistance, or who can provide assistance, are encouraged to contact the Parish Office (+61 2 9876 3362). The office is there to help those who, through illness, accident or lack of resources, need assistance in getting to church, doctor’s appointments, or to undertake those requirements of life that necessitate transport.