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  • St Alban's Anglican Church Epping

    Baptisms Weddings Facility Hire Welcome to St Alban's with St Aidan's Epping NSW Our Services Continue What's On What We Believe Contact Us Sunday Services View our services in-person and online Find out more Watch How to watch our services online Explore Current Bulletin Sunday, 7 August 2022 Download Kids Activities for kids at St Alban's Learn more Latest Parish Magazine Past Parish Magazines August 2022 Download Latest Thoughts for prayer and reflection 02 9876 3362 office hours: 9:00am - 1:00pm (Tuesday to Friday) office@eppinganglicans.org.au Safe Ministry We acknowledge domestic abuse exists, is wrong and must stop. We are committed to safe places and promoting a culture of healthy relationships. Our Clergy, Church Wardens and Parish Council have agreed that the parish will follow the Sydney Anglican Policy on Responding to Domestic Abuse. Download the policy and find more resources here .

  • Watch | EppingAnglicans

    Watch Click below to join our 10am service on Zoom Join us on Zoom Sunday's Service Sheet If you are dialling in, the number is: 8015 6011. Meeting ID: 825 1618 2389 followed by #(and another # - there isn’t a participants number). A password isn’t required. Please keep your computer or phone on “mute” during the service, unless otherwise indicated.To mute/unmute your phone, press *6

  • The Parish Magazine | EppingAnglicans

    The Parish Magazine Current Issue May 2022/Jul 2022 2022 Feb 2022/Apr 2022 2021 Feb 2021/Apr 2021 May 2021/Jul 2021 Aug 2021/Oct 2021 Nov 2021/Jan 2022 2020 Feb 2020/Apr 2020 May 2020/Jul 2020 Aug 2020/Oct 2020 Nov 2020/Jan 2021 2019 Feb 2019/Apr 2019 May 2019/Jul 2019 Aug 2019/Oct 2019 Nov 2019/Jan 2020 2018 Feb 2018/Apr 2018 May 2018/Jul 2018 Aug 2018/Oct 2018 Nov 2018/Jan 2019 2017 Feb/March 2017 Apr/May 2017 June/July 2017 Aug/Sept 2017 Oct/Nov 2017 Dec 2017/Jan 2018 2016 Feb/March 2016 Apr/May 2016 June/July 2016 Aug/Sept 2016 Oct/Nov 2016 Dec 2016/Jan 2017 2015 Feb/March 2015 Apr/May 2015 June/July 2015 Aug/Sept 2015 Oct/Nov 2015 Dec 2015/Jan 2016 If you would like to access older issues of the Parish Magazine, please contact the Church Office . May 2022/Jul 2022

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