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Mission of the Month

Mission of the Month

Anglican Board ofMission (ABM)

Lent and Good Friday Appeal 2022


Each year during Lent and Holy Week our parish supports the work of the Anglican Board of Mission – Australia, which helps communities in need, both within Australia and overseas.


The Al Ahli Child Nutrition Project is just one of the many AID (Anglicans in Development) Sustainable Communities projects which will benefit from the ABM Lent and Good Friday Gift Appeal this year.  In Gaza, long-afflicted by sanctions and war, it can be a huge challenge for families to buy nutritious food. Many are dependent on refugee rations which are often high in calories but low in nutrition.  As well as educating the mothers in nutrition, encouraging breast-feeding and keeping a close eye on the babies’ progress, the hospital gives the mothers fortified biscuits and multivitamins to supplement the babies’ regular diet. Eighty percent of children who participate in the program improve. And when they don’t, they can participate for a further three months – if crucial funding can continue…


A range of other projects include strengthening communities in the Philippines by teaching them vital skills, and supporting women in Kenya to raise poultry for improved family nutrition.


Your gift will change the lives of many communities living in poverty. It will support AID partners to gain training themselves so that they can continue to provide much-needed support to their local communities.


For further details, please refer to the Missions display on the narthex board, or visit website


There are a few ways to financially support ABM during Lent:


  1. Donate funds directly at  Alternatively, scan this QR code with your smartphone to go to the ABM donation page.


  1. Transfer funds electronically to the Saint Alban’s account – please ensure that you use the tag ‘ABM’.


  1. Place your gift in the ‘Beyond the Parish’ side of your offertory envelope, or in a plain envelope marked ‘ABM’, and deposit the envelope in the collection box as you arrive for a service at Saint Alban’s.


  1. Drop off your monetary donation to the Church office on Tuesday or Thursday morning; or leave it in the Church office letterbox any time; or mail a cheque to the church office at PO Box 79 Epping 1710 with a note that the funds are intended for ABM – please make the cheque payable to the St Alban’s account and attach a separate note that the funds are intended for ABM.

Two ways you can donate


Direct Transfer

St Alban’s Account: BSB No: 032 081,

Account No: 000024

St Aidan’s Account: BSB No: 032 081,

Account No: 810086

Please indicate which service you attend. If you wish some of your giving to go to the Mission of the Month or any other specific cause, please indicate it on your direct transfer.


In Person

Leave your donation in the church office...

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